How to Avoid Five Shisha Smoking Fails

How to Avoid Five Shisha Smoking Fails

Dos and Don'ts of Shisha smoking

Like with everything, there are do’s and don’ts when it comes to smoking shisha. To the uninitiated, shisha smoking might seem pretty straightforward, and we’re totally not saying it isn’t… You just want to avoid a few of the big shisha smoking “no”s that many amateurs fall foul of.
We’ve all heard of the word “fail” and we know it’s not great to be the butt of a fail joke. So if you’re hoping to impress your friends with your shisha prowess you best read up on what not to do when smoking shisha with friends.
Here are 5 fails to avoid when smoking shisha:

Don’t overfill your shisha base

Putting too much water in the base of your shisha pipe could spell disaster for your smoking session, as you and your friends could end up sucking a mouthful of water through your shisha hoses, damaging the hoses and making for a bit of a rubbish smoking session. We recommend filling the base to it covers the stem of your shisha pipe by about 1.5 inches to get the most from your smoke, so don’t fill it all the way to the top or you could be looking at the expense of new hoses and a lot of laughs from your friends.
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Don’t hog the shisha

Nobody likes a greedy pig, so don’t be greedy with the shisha. Shisha is best enjoyed with friends, so you don’t want to lose those friends by smoking all the shisha and not letting them have a go. Puff and pass, savouring the flavour and patiently waiting your turn. If you’re not happy with waiting around then you need to invest in a pipe with multiple hoses, so you can have a hose all to yourself, but always remember that your friends will know if it’s you that’s getting the most out of the bowl!
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Don’t neglect your pipe

It’s important that you give your shisha pipe some TLC regularly, or at least whenever you use it. Clean all of shisha's parts after every use to be sure to get the best smoking experience every time, and be sure to replenish the water in the base every time you smoke a fresh bowl. Residue from old bowls will affect the taste of other shisha bowls, and you don’t want your friends thinking you pack a badly tasting bowl, do you?

Don’t interfere with someone else’s shisha pipe

We’re all very protective over our pipes, and rightly so. Shisha is a great joy in life, and just as you are proud of every bowl you serve up, so are your friends. If you’re partaking in a smoke with friends and you don’t like the flavour, don’t show your friend up in front of everyone. Follow shisha etiquette and say something quietly on the side, and they’ll be sure to mix up something better the next time you’re over. If you’re rude, you might not be invited over again!

Don’t be hasty

When it comes to lighting your shisha and getting it ready to smoke, you need to have patience. Trying to smoke when the coals are only half lit for example is bad practise, and could affect how well the bowl smokes overall. Don’t ruin it for everyone by not having the patience to wait, go and do something useful while you wait for things to heat up.

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How to Avoid Five Shisha Fails

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