The art of shisha - hookah hire Bristol

The Art of Shisha - Hookah Hire Bristol

With the Bristol Festival of Literature coming to town, the home of Banksy and the hub for artists of all kinds will enjoy even more culture in October. Inspiring a number of authors and fictional characters, bringing hookah to your celebrations with hookah hire Bristol will be the perfect addition.

Hookah hire Bristol

shisha by .Dimitris. licensed under Creative commons 4

Hookah and literature go hand in hand

You might remember the caterpillar from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, a classic bed time story book. This larval philosopher got to the heart of things pretty quickly. In between mouthfuls of hookah he questioned Alice about her sense of identity as he curled smoke. You may have been lucky enough to enjoy Wonderland when it came to Bristol Hippodrome, but if not then why not channel Lewis Carroll and make like the caterpillar instead with shisha hire Bristol?
Another great read if the mood takes you is a fictional account of Genghis Khan, called 'the world conqueror' which sees the battle over the Shisha kingdom. It's more bloodthirsty than Bristol's battle of the bands but it's a racy tale that would go just as well with hookah as with a cuppa.

Painting the smoke

Other mediums reflect the influence of hookah in more obvious ways. See, for example, the paintings showing smokers dazing off into the distance. Jean-Leon Gerome has captured this relaxed pose perfectly in many of his works. He's no Banksy, but his work evokes the spirit of the east and that feeling of calm that art is wonderful for. Hookah hire Bristol can transport you to a more peaceful place. Contrast Gerome's work with the work of Leila Ataya, which is surreal and more abstract - like the painting with a cat smoking hookah atop a lady's head.

Going underground

The cultural scene in Bristol is one of the best in the UK, with pockets of artists working underground producing thoughtful works that defy the mainstream. It's a city not only home to cool bars but also house parties and gatherings that are the ideal place to meet llike-minded people. With hookah hire Bristol your night can be a chilled but unusual pause in the festival of culture.
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