A Non Tobacco Shisha, Ideal for the Non Smoker

Not everyone who enjoys, or wants to enjoy a shisha is a smoker. In fact, many people are put off even going near a shisha pipe because of the tobacco element of it. However, for those who have never smoked, or even those trying to give up on tobacco altogether, there's a healthier, tastier way to enjoy shisha!
The Soex Herbal range contains absolutely no nicotine, tar or tobacco, and yet gives a satisfying smoke with all the flavour of traditional shisha.
Instead of tobacco leaf, sugar cane is used instead, meaning you still get a steady burn of the molasses, but without the obvious health issues.
If you've tried non-tobacco shisha in the past, you may have experienced weaker flavours, but due to quality and technology improvements, Soex has produced a finer grade with more intense flavours.
Each package is double sealed to keep the molasses fresh and the taste just as it should be - perfect!
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