8 Benefits of the Shisha Pen

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8 Benefits of the Shisha Pen

It has been general knowledge for some time that smoking tobacco is bad for your health. If you're looking to quit smoking this new year and are trying to find a safe replacement for your habit, we just might have the answer. A Shisha pen is fun, tasty and a safe substitute for smoking tobacco. Here are eight great benefits of the shisha pen...

1. Non toxic

Shisha pens emulate smoking by the creation of a clean, pure vapour which doesn't contain carbon monoxide, tar, or other toxins. These poisonous chemicals are one of the main health risks that come with smoking tobacco. Burning cigarettes creates a lot of toxins, but shisha pens don't burn anything, and so don't create toxins.

2. No nicotine

Another downside to smoking tobacco is nicotine. This is a powerful stimulant and, although not harmful alone, is highly addictive, leading people to smoke a lot more and, consequently, risk all the other side effects of tobacco. By contrast, the liquid used in an e-shisha pen doesn't contain any nicotine.

3. No smoking restrictions

Because shisha pens do not create smoke they do not fall under smoking restrictions, meaning you can enjoy them in public places.

4. No second-hand smoke

The vapour that is created by shisha dissipates in seconds. This means there is no annoying second-hand smoke for those around you.

5. Less expensive

A shisha pen will last for approximately 600 puffs. This makes them much cheaper than smoking cigarettes.

6. No unpleasant smells

Shisha vapour doesn't contain any tar or other damaging additives and, consequently, its smell doesn't linger. This means you don't have to deal with the unpleasant smell of smoke in your home and on your clothes and hair.

7. Simple to use

Shisha pens aren't complicated to set up like a regular hookah, they're very simple to use. They also don't need flames or coal like cigarettes and hookahs.

8. Discreet

Shisha hookahs are far smaller than regular ones. They are easily carried in a pocket or purse. The vapour they produce dissipates rapidly, meaning they don't draw attention and are very discreet.

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