5 Great Reasons To Try Shisha Today!

If you've never tried shisha before, indeed, if you've never even considered it, then you'll probably agree with me that it can seem a bit daunting.
What do you buy? What equipment do you need and how do you put it all together?
Well, it's time to put your mind at rest and give it a go. I’m going to explain a few things about Shisha that will give you the confidence to order your first hookah pipe, and enjoy some great flavours in the summer sun!

Firs off, isn't it Dangerous?

If you're searching for anything to do with shisha smoking, or, in fact, anything to do with smoking at all then you'll have no doubt heard about the dangers.
Even e-liquids aren't immune from the fear mongers. Even though many medical groups have said that they're safe, there are still those that offer up enough doubt to scare people into believing that they're not.
At the end of the day though, the choice is yours.
Inhaling any kind of smoke is going to have its inherent dangers, however there is a trade-off between the benefits, the pleasure you get from doing it, and the potential risks. But, there are ways to mitigate those risks, and as long as you know about them, you can take steps to get the best out of your smoke while minimising the downsides.
Consider smoking herbal, tobacco free molasses. These alternatives to the more common tobacco used in hookah pipes are deep-flavoured and are a worthy replacement. If you've never smoked before, these may well be preferable because you haven't got the issue of inhaling tobacco.
There's still smoke, obviously, but these are a much safer way of enjoying the shisha experience.

Don't smoke all the time!

If you're already a cigarette smoker, then you'll know the temptation to sneak outside and light up. However, it's a bit more difficult with a hookah.
For a start, they're much bigger, and you need to assemble them. Obviously, you could leave yours assembled, but it's not the sort of thing you keep in the boot of your car.
And, especially if you're starting out, keep your sessions short. You'll enjoy it more if it's a treat rather than heading home and lighting up straight away.

It's Social!

Have you noticed around pubs and bars how everyone now has to go and stand outside to have a smoke? Years ago people used to give the excuse that they only smoked for social reasons, but now it's become a most anti-social pastime.
How many visitors do you get to your house who have to go outside to light up? The social stigma now attached to smoking cigarettes has completely changed how people view them, and it's just not the done thing any more.
Shisha is different!
People will congregate at each other’s' houses to take part in shisha and enjoy smoking together.
The very nature of the pipe and the fact it takes a bit of time to set up means it's conducive to sharing. Coupled with some disposable tips so everyone can smoke without spreading germs, and you have the perfect party!
And then there are the shisha bars that have been popping up all over the country.
You can meet up with like-minded shisha smokers, use one of the bar's hookah pipes (usually all set up for you) and the added bonus is that if it's your first time, they'll show you the ropes.
This can be a great way to meet new friends, or if you like, just relax and read the paper.

It's relaxing

Summer's here, the sun's out and it's warm enough to sit outside without a coat on. If that's not a good enough reason to have a bit of downtime, I don't know what is!
But there's something special about having a hookah pipe by your side while you're relaxing on the sun lounger waiting for the BBQ to heat up.
Smoking shisha, especially some of the superb flavours available is an incredibly relaxing pastime. You can let all your troubles just waft away as you sit back and enjoy.
Of course, stress is a major cause of illness, so while I'm not going to say shisha is good for you, if you do tend to lead a stressful life, lighting up the shisha can be a great way of letting go of all that anxiety.

It's Cheaper than smoking cigarettes

Have you seen how much cigarettes are these days?
For good health reasons, tobacco has been taxed to the point where sales are dropping constantly, which is pretty much what was wanted and expected. However, for the hookah pipe owner, it's not so bad because tobacco alternatives are available.
In fact, you can even get e-shisha so you need not feel left out when your e-lite smoking friends start puffing vapour all over the place.

Hookah Pipes Look Cool!

There's no denying that a hookah pipe looks great. There are some astounding designs available, and even at the cheaper end of the market, there are some stunning looking devices.
But, go even more up market and you'll find some that are nothing short of works of art.
They can look fantastic about the house, becoming talking points, if only because you have to explain to people, "no, it's not a bong".

Just enjoy it!

So there you go, there’s really no excuse for not giving it a try. Obviously, smoke responsibly, and if you’re still a bit unsure about what to buy, simply add the “Starter bundle” to your cart when buying and you’ll have everything you need to get going as soon as your pipe is unpacked!
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