3 games to play Shisha Smoking Sessions

You’ll have the recipe for a good time on your hands when you get a few friends round to your place and get some shisha on the go. But between smoking the hookah and chatting away, it’s sometimes great fun to play a few games as well. Don’t worry, these don’t have to be anything overly technical or something that takes time to set up. Instead, the best options are classic board games or ones that you can just make up in your head. With this in mind, here are three games to play with shisha smoking session with your mates.

Games to play with Shisha

1. Monopoly

Monopoly is extremely fun – but it does have a bad reputation, because things can get rather heated rather fast. Luckily, all the players will be chilled out while bidding on properties because they’ll be puffing away on a relaxing shisha at the same time. This should mean that there are no hard feelings when people get sent to jail or go bankrupt, because the hookah is there to soften the blow. Due to this, it's one of the best games to play with shisha.

2. Would You Rather?

‘Would You Rather?’ is a game where players ask each other outrageous questions where they can only choose between two amusing answers. By design, the game is light-hearted and perfect for starting conversations and discussions. Since hookah is a social activity, this game is ideal because it means you can chat away with your friends while enjoying the smoky experience.

3. Cards

Games to play with shisha
cards by Ben Alford licensed under Creative commons 4
There are literally hundreds of different card games to play with shisha. These can be anything from poker to blackjack. Once you’re armed with a deck in your hand, you can alternate between games in the same way that you can alternate between shisha flavours. Essentially, you can just mix things up whenever the mood strikes, so you never become bored.

Let the games begin!

Your next night in with shisha and some friends just got ever better! Once you have got the hookah equipment set up and are feeling laidback and chilled out, you just need to instigate one of these games to play with shisha and you should find that the whole experience is heightened. Check out The Shisha Shop to find all the shisha supplies you need for your next night in.
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