Tracing the Roots of Shisha Smoking

Tracing the Roots of Shisha Smoking

Origin of Shisha

Shisha Shop LondonA Shisha  is an apparatus that consists of a hollow shaft that ends submerged below a reservoir of water, which is contained in a glass base jar. Another pipe takes the smoke from the jar and is inhaled by the smoker. The top of the shaft usually has a clay bowl, into which flavoured Tobacco Molasses is placed. Some form of Charcoal is placed above the Molasses, which helps burn it. The smoke produced is taken through the water in the base and then builds up in the glass jar, before being inhaled by the smoker.

Early History of the Shisha

Origin of Shisha can be traced back to the time of Akbar I (1542-1605) of India.
Although introduced to Akbar I by a Persian physician, there is evidence that prior to the introduction of Tobacco by the Europeans to Persia and India in the 1600's, Shisha was already being used in Persia in the late 1500's. Something other than tobacco was smoked though.

Different Names of Shisha

Shisha had a variety of different names, depending on where it was smoked. In the Middle East it was called Hookah and across Persia and Turkey it was called Nargile. Other names include Chillim, Qalyan and Hubbly Bubbly.
Shisha reached Turkey in the 17th century and it is evident that flavored Molasses was introduced as a way of avoiding the strong odor of tobacco seeping into the beards and clothes of the smokers. It also made the smoking experience quite pleasant.
Although Shisha was originally used by the elite, it is used by the common man all around the globe.
[caption id="attachment_69" align="alignleft" width="172"]KM Khalil Mamoon Khalil Mamoon (Blue)[/caption]

Brands like Khalil Mamoon or KM for short are from Egypt and have made Shisha pipes robust and cheap. Brands like Mya have produced beautifully built Shisha pipes at much higher prices. New European/American Brands have started to emerge, bringing new ideas and new levels of smoking pleasure.

Shisha Bars are opening up everywhere around the world, introducing Shisha to the new generation, and that brings with it, a new demand for more and more flavors to smoke, thereby taking Shisha to new heights internationally. There is currently an explosion of new flavor brands coming out. Here are a few; Nakhla, Al Fakher, Tangiers, Fantasia and Star Buzz. Traditional flavors like Apple and Grape are being out done by more modern flavors like Blue Mist and K Mint.
The History of Shisha is still being made every year.
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Tracing the Roots of Shisha Smoking

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