New York's La Sultana Cafe, a Luxury Setting for Shisha

So, in my last post I discussed how I'd had a walk around a Shisha Lounge in Monaco (#justsaying) and how fantastic it was. Of course, this is in relation to the normal lounge I go to near Dudley, which less face it, isn't the most salubrious of places.
Anyway, a friend of mine just got back from New York and told me about La Sultana Cafe, so I checked it out and wow!
la sultana
As shisha becomes more mainstream and more people enjoy it, we can expect to see a greater number of these lounges spring up all over the world. And why not? Shisha isn't to be enjoyed by any one type of person in any one kind of town, it's something that anybody from any background can get involved with.
In the UK in particular, the growth of Shisha Lounges (especially in London) has made them more accessible to all, and as they go more up-marketing, we can only expect that this is going to continue.
More exclusive Shisha lounges to come!
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