What Are Shisha Stones And How Do You Use Them?

Although we have a love of shisha, many of us would like to cut down or avoid tobacco. How can we enjoy participating in hookah with our friends if we make the decision not to use it? The simple answer is shisha stones. They are a relative newcomer to the hookah market and allow you to participate in hookah without inhaling the bad stuff in tobacco.

What Are Shisha Stones?

More commonly known as steam stones, shisha stones are crumbled volcanic stones that have been specially heat treated to ensure that no bitter volcanic taste remains. They contain millions of tiny pores that allow them to effectively soak up the flavoured glycerine liquid that they are enhanced with, This process can also be completed at home when you want to re-flavour them yourself. When they are burned, the liquid evaporates and creates steam which allows you to blow clouds but without the harshness of tobacco smoke, allowing you to feel fully involved in the hookah process.

Pros And Cons Of Shisha Stones

Shisha stones are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to tobacco in hookah pipes. Their manufacturers claim that they are free from the harmful carcinogens, tar and other toxins that come with tobacco consumption and they do not contain nicotine, making it almost impossible to become addicted to their use. The stones do not produce smoke when they are burned. Instead, steam is created when the glycerine begins to evaporate, which makes them a more user-friendly option for those who can't abide inhaling smoke. Perhaps one of the most attractive features of the shisha stones is the fact that they are reusable and can be re flavoured a number of times before they need to be discarded. This makes them a pretty cost-effective option for hookah use.

Using Shisha Stones

Using shisha stones is only slightly different to using tobacco in a hookah. For phunnel and vortex ceramics, you should put the appropriate quantity of stone on the ceramic and then cover securely with two or three layers of tin foil. You should then puncture with small holes avoiding the space that is at least half an inch in diameter in the centre. With the vortex ceramic, if you want to save some of the stones for later use, then you need to line the bottom of the ceramic with tin foil.
If you are using traditional Egyptian ceramics, then you need to ensure that the stones are bigger than the holes in the ceramic before you fill it, then cover with tin foil that has small holes in it just like with the phunnel and vortex ceramics. Once your ceramic is prepared, place it on your hookah and then light the charcoal. Once it has a layer of white ash you need to blow it a few times and then place it on your hookah and enjoy!
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