Unusual Shisha Flavours You’ve Probably Never Tried

If you’re anything like me, you get stuck in a rut and stick to the flavours you know. Well, in an attempt to break out from the mould a bit, I decided to try out some flavours that normally, I’d never consider. Maybe you already have, maybe you think the flavours I’m about to suggest are run-of-the-mill, either way, I’m sure there’s one here you’ll never have tried!
Been to Italy? If you have, you’ll see Limoncino everywhere. It’s a lemon and grappa based liqueur and it’s as common as Whisky is in Scotland. To be fair, it’s a bit of an acquired taste but seems to go down well when in the heat of an Italian summer when eating pizza. However, get it home and it’s a little, erm, disappointing. I had a similar experience bringing kumquat back from Greece. Eugh.
Anyway, it turns out there’s a Limoncino flavour by Jeff’s Seven Elements. And it’s superb!
Again, only to be taken on a sunny day and preferably with a pizza, but it certainly brings back those days spent on the Amalfi coast in an open-topped car.
While we’re on the subject of Jeff’s flavours, we can also give honourable mentions to Mad Dog flavour, for all you 90s rave types and Pina Colada if you’re a fan of Rio beach.
Weirder flavours
To really get into it, I decided to look then across forums. For this section, I’m mentioning some flavours which while once existed, don’t appear to be available right now.
For example, King Moassel apparently once made a buttermilk flavour as well as a Bavarian beer flavour. Searching now and I can’t find anything like it, it seems to have been lost in time. Beer flavour e-liquids are available for you vape fans, but it appears there’s nothing for us Shisha lovers. The closest I got was Root Beer flavour from Taru. Not the same, I’m sure you’ll agree.
Further searching brought me to Hookah Hookah and a range of flavours that have unusual names, although I’m still waiting for the order so I can’t tell you how they taste. It’s an American site, so it might take a while.
But with names like “Kryp2nite”, “Mad Hatter” and “White Rabbit”, what’s not to like?
They also have “Peanut Butter Jelly” which comes with an allergy warning for those allergic to peanuts. That’s authentic.
Over to you
I’m still delving into the weirder flavours and trying to find some really bizarre ones to try, but why not give me a hand and let me know some crazy tastes you’ve encountered?
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