A Shisha Bundle to Smoke Shisha and Chill With - Your New Night In

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Forget Netflix and other binge-watching activities. Make way for a shisha bundle and get ready to smoke shisha and chill! The new way to spend nights in when you want to relax with your friends and have a good time. Invite a friend over or relax at home and enjoy the shisha bar experience - your nights in will never be the same.

What you'll need

Getting the things you need to enjoy shisha is simple and affordable. You can buy all the components you need from us at The Shisha Shop. You can even buy some value shisha bundles to help get you started, allowing you to enjoy shisha at home without the need to visit shisha bars.

What do you get in a shisha bundle?

A Shisha bundle is a must for enjoying the shisha experience, with different types available to suit whatever you need. You can get value packs of mouth tips, beginners' flavour packs, hoses, pipes and more. For a great night in with friends, you can even get large flavour bundles to make sure everyone gets to try their preferred flavour.
Offering excellent value, you should look at the different shisha bundles available and work out which one is best for you

Popular shisha and chill flavours

There are a wide number of shisha varieties to try depending on whether you like fruity, sweet or herbal varieties. Tropical flavours are popular over the summer months, while classics like mint and apple are popular all year round. You can even buy shisha tobacco and nicotine-free varieties which are ideal for those looking to give up smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products, but would still like to enjoy the shisha experience.

Shisha and chill this summer

On those days/nights where you just have to be out, your own shisha soiree in the garden or on your roof is a great way to live those summer dreams. Invite your friends over for a good time and good conversation and enjoy the ideal way to unwind and relax with your favourite people after a long day.
Contact us here at The Shisha Shop today - we've got a variety of hookah pipes available at whole sale prices for your lounge. This includes components such as shisha pipes, hoses, flavours and handy accessories like mouth tips.

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