Making my own shisha lounge. Kind of...

This is probably going to sound a lot grander than it actually is, but when faced with the dilemma of wanting to smoke a hookah pipe yet it pouring down with rain and not being able to sufficiently persuade my wife to let me smoke indoors, something had to be done.
Before long I was scouring the Internet looking for something that would allow me to smoke in the dry, yet outside and without having to resort to wearing a large waterproof walking jacket. I needed Mediterranean chic and I needed it to fit in with typical British weather, maybe with something to heat it as well, typically our summers can be a little bit cold…
Luckily, if there’s one thing us Brits do well, it’s DIY and so before long I was scouring the shelves of the local B&Q looking for large patio umbrellas. I found a superb one that fitted the bill. It was big, green and I thought it would be perfect. Alas when the rain came down and I started smoking a big flaw in my plan became apparent. You see smoke happily wafts upwards into the middle of the umbrella forming a thick cloud which while not a major problem, didn’t please the better half much.
[caption id="attachment_167" align="alignleft" width="178"]"Offset", that's the key! "Offset", that's the key![/caption]
So, back to the Internet then and I find the solution. If you’re searching you need to look for “offset patio umbrella”. That little word makes all the difference and it leads us to an umbrella with a neat function that allows it to be lifted at an angle meaning the smoke can lift happily away into the air!
My shisha lounge is beginning to take shape, then, when I get round to installing a heater, I’ll let you know how that goes!
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