How to Clean Your Hookah Pipe

How to Clean Your Hookah Pipe

What is a good time to clean your Hookah?

Do you know how to clean your hookah pipe or why/when you need to clean it? You're going to have to stop smoking your hookah at some point, and I'm guessing this year you might want to give it a rest on Christmas morning while you cook the turkey, maybe getting it ready again for the Queen's speech.
You should really clean it after each time you use it, simply because the smoke will not have time to dry, stick to the pipes and then taint them. This is especially important if you tend to use a lot of different flavours. If you've just finished with a nice fresh strawberry, you don't want it to get mixed up with your mint.
What equipment do I need to clean my pipe?
Not much, luckily, here's what you need:

How to clean your hookah pipe

First of all, wait for the hookah to have cooled down completely. It can be tempting to rush, but parts of your hookah will get very hot and you're likely to end up burning fingers. So, have some patience and go have a drink or something. Or cook the turkey, whatever.
Then, unclip the hookah hose and rinse it thoroughly in fresh water before taking the whole pipe apart, that means everything!
You'll need to throw away any tobacco and ashes left in the plate, and give that a wipe out to remove any bits remaining.
Remove the stem and get rid of any water.
OK, get yourself a plastic bowl and fill it with water, before washing out the bowl, grommets, valve and plate. Give them a good wash and remove any stubborn bits.
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Then grab your brushes. Using the cleaning solution (mixed up as per the instructions on the pack), pour it into the stem and use the brush to give it a good clean. When you're done, rinse it through with the warm water.
You can do the same with the water bowl, use the cleaning solution and then rinse out thoroughly with warm water afterwards.
Then, pop all the bits on to a towel somewhere warm and let everything dry out thoroughly before using again. And you're ready to go!

A quick tip for hookah smokers

I have a mat in the airing cupboard where I put all my shisha bits, and it dries out in no time.

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How to Clean Your Hookah Pipe

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