Make First Shisha Puff Free of Charcoal Savour

Make First Shisha Puff Free of Charcoal Savour

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When I first smoke, I get mostly the taste of charcoal, what's going on?

This is a common problem with people lighting their first shisha pipe and it can put people off for good! Luckily it's probably a very simple mistake and one you can avoid easily to get the most out of your smoke.

Allow the Coals to Catch the Fire

It's probably down to putting the charcoal too quickly onto the foil on your pipe. If you're using the self-igniting charcoals then you should wait until the flame has settled down or any sparkling has stopped before popping them onto the foil.
If you're using natural charcoal then light it somewhere safe like outside or in the kitchen (using the gas hob is good) and then wait for it to begin glowing and all the smoke has died down before transferring it to the pipe.
Another thing - don't be tempted to pick the charcoal up with your hands! Use a pair of tongs. Not doing so could end up in burned fingers and if you drop hot coal on the carpet you could end up with a bad house fire.

If your the shisha charcoal is about to finish then, contact The Shisha Shop to ship the coal to your doorstep.

The Shisha Shop, 11-13 Fairways Business Park, Lammas Road, E10 7QT London, United Kingdom

Phone No.: +44 20 8133 3263

Make First Shisha Puff Free of Charcoal Savour

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