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If you've been invited out for your very first shisha pipe Bristol experience, you might feel a bit apprehensive because you don't know what to expect.
Dristis Shisha Bar in Bristol
Worry not though! The shisha community is a welcome one and above all, it's meant to be fun, so here are some tips to make sure you feel confident and comfortable when you smoke a shisha pipe Bristol style!

Be honest and don't be shy

Just because everyone around you seems to know what they're doing, doesn't mean you have to. If it's your first time visiting a shisha bar, let the person serving you. They'll be more than happy to show you the ropes and make sure you're served with something that you enjoy. If you don't like what you try first, ask them for recommendations - they might know of a really tasty blend. Remember to not take yourself too seriously and just have fun with the pipe. Compliment your hookah with nice nibble food such as pita or hummus.

Sit back and enjoy

You should keep in mind that the art of the hookah is chilled and relaxed. It's not about being rowdy, it's about enjoying the smoke and ruminating over current affairs with friends. Respect the shisha and you'll gain from the experience. It's always a good idea to try shisha in a cafe before you buy your own hookah - that way you'll discover whether you enjoy the experience!

Keep thing simple to start

If you still feel apprehensive about smoking shisha in the big wide world, you could always invest in a hookah of your very own - shisha pipe Bristol have many on offer and by choosing your pipe online, you can mull over the options in the comfort of your own home and decide what design is going to suit your needs. Do your research thoroughly and pick from a selection of tasty flavours. Shisha is a ritual that most people fall in love with and if you buy a shisha pipe Bristol, it's a great thing to entertain guests with!
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