Shisha in the UK when the colder days return

We can safely say summer has gone and even though we're seeing some unseasonable warm weather at the moment, that wind still has a sting in the tail which can chill the bones. The thing is, we still want to smoke our shisha and when we're out and about, we can't do it indoors. So what's the solution?
Well, we could simply return home and enjoy our flavours, and let's face it, it's the cheapest way to do it. But, we could seek out some shisha bars that understand the UK weather and actually make it comfortable for us.
One such place is The Temple Lounge in Canary Wharf in London.
I had a meeting in London and so I decided to check it out after it had finished. It was a good meeting which ended up in getting an order, so it was time for a celebration!
The first thing to say is that the day I visited there was indeed a harsh wind. It was very cold and so I was pleasantly surprised to find they had heating lamps. They were good, too, easily making up for the lack of sunlight and it meant I could remove my bulky coat and relax.
They have a range of flavours available, although none are very adventurous other than Saloum, which I admit to never trying before, so I ordered it. While waiting, I looked it up and it turns out it's a huge Egyptian manufacturer of shisha tabacco. I have to say, I couldn't really place the flavour, but it was pleasantly mild and quite soothing.
But, I was hungry, so I tried the food too.
Lebanese was on the cards and so I tried a falafel starter followed by an Arabic Mixed Grill. I have to say, the food was fantastic and I'd recommend anyone go, even if they weren't after a smoke. I can also recommend the mango Lassi.
There's one problem, however. If you're after a relaxing lunch, you do get hurried on by their "two hour maximum" rule. When they're busy, they like to have a quick turnaround, which can be a challenge if you want to spend some time chatting after your meal.
All in all, and excellent experience, I'll be checking out some other lounges very soon!
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