Do You Mix Your Shisha Flavours?

I was about to sit down and enjoy a smoke with a friend of mine the other day when he announced something that I'd never even considered. He suggested we mixed up some Shisha flavours to make something a little more exciting.
What? Mix them up?
Now, let's remember something here. You might be thinking that I'm surely not a seasoned smoker if I've never tried mixing up the tobacco, but I'm a blogger and I've only been using shisha for a couple of years. And you know what, I'm a little conservative when it comes to testing things. And nobody had suggested mixing things up before, so we dived in, and it was great!
First of all, we took an empty tin and used this as for our mixing. My friend (Dave, so you know), had done this before and suggested that we'd get a good idea of the flavour from the smell.
So, we started with some very simple ideas and went on from there.
Our base was fruit, and we mixed this at first with mint, and then with vanilla. The first attempt with the mint smelled fantastic. The fruit, as always, gives a nice mellow smell and smoke and it's always a good one to start with, but the mint added a cleanliness and rounded out the flavour somewhat. We experimented with a few combinations, starting with a 50/50 mix. This first attempt was way too minty and it overpowered the fruit too much, so eventually we settled on what we believe was about an 80/20 mix of fruit to mint.
We liked it so much; we made some more for a later smoke.
Then there was the vanilla. Now, I'm a massive fan of vanilla. Ice cream, coffee, chocolates, I like them all if they're vanilla flavoured, but I have to say, we just couldn't get the combinations right here. I'm not sure if it was the shisha we used or the maybe the combination was just wrong, but eventually we gave up. We didn't get to smoking it, the smell just didn't seem right, so we moved on.
Powerbull plus Raspberry was our next adventure, and boy did this smell good in the tin! We mixed what we believe was about a 60/40 mix of bull to raspberry and we were spot on the first time. Raspberry is a much more pungent smell, so it didn't need as much to counter the bull, so we lit up and tried it out.
The taste was even better. Maybe it was because it reminded me of nights out in London, or maybe it was just the idea that the energy of the Powerbull was offset by the fruitiness of the raspberry, but even so, it was an exceptional experience.
Spurred on by this, my order is in for more flavours, and I'll be letting you know how those go very soon!
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