Didn't think you could smoke indoors? Maybe the electronic eShisha has the key!

shishapenFor many the summer is the time where they can smoke their shisha and hookah pipe outside in the warm and take in the gentle breeze as they enjoy a relaxing smoke. Being out of the way of non-smokers is bliss as you don't get any strange looks and can truly sit back and relax. However, as we know in the UK, our summers aren't always the wall-to-wall blue sky and sun events we'd hope for. No, very often our summers are a few days of sunshine punctuated with heavy downpours and thunderstorms. So what happens then?
Well just like the ecigarette appeared to help smokers get their fix indoors when the new smoking laws appeared, we now have eShisha - a way of getting your favourite flavours without inhaling tobacco or pushing it on to other people.
eShisha works in just the same way as eCigarettes in that a vapour is released that gives you that same feeling as drawing on a cigarette so you get the same enjoyment, but without burning any tobacco. However the big plus is that you get those lush shisha flavours.
Grape, cherry, apple - they're all available for the discerning hookah smoker who doesn't want to stop just because our British weather says it's had enough sun for now and the plants need watering. Open up one of our disposable eShisha and carry on!
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