Consider a change in style - explore more shisha flavours!

I have a lot of friends who smoke cigarettes but I've never taken up the habit. I find the taste too harsh and that's why I like to fire up the shisha. But there's also another advantage to shisha and hookah - the vast array of flavours available. There are all sorts catering for all kinds of tastes and you can check out our own range here.
One of the more common is apple and I got into this as I'd got used to drinking apple tea which a Turkish friend of mine brought back from a trip to his home city. The great thing about apple tea from Turkey is that it actually tastes like apple. I know that sounds odd but I was put off herbal tea, including apple because those tea bags you get from the supermarket may smell like fruit but they taste like hot water. Turkish apple tea is a warming drink that actually tastes how you'd expect it.
When I had my first apple shisha, I wasn't disappointed. The smell, the taste, both were of apple and this led me to try others out.
Strawberry shortcake
Got a sweet tooth? Check out the fruity strawberry flavour herbal molasses. Wow! These are superb and I always keep a box nearby for a smoke after a meal, it really is superb. The beauty of molasses is the added benefit of no tobacco or nicotine.
Had a bit too much to eat? Want to refresh? Try mint! Again, tobacco and nicotine free so for people like me who don't really like the taste of tobacco, an absolute must. And the mint flavours really are superb.
If you're into your hookah you really do have a world of flavours to enjoy, so check out our flavours and stock up ready for a hot summer of smoking fun!
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