A shisha for every mood…

Like music, shisha flavours have the ability to take you back to a time and a place and help you enjoy the mood. They can help you relax to remember the good times, or calm you down when the times are tough.
We asked a few of our friends to recommend their favourite flavours and tell us why they like them and what they reminded them of…
I read the other post about crazy flavours and I remembered being in a shisha lounge in Italy and trying a limoncello. It was a great drink and when I got back I found a flavour that took me back to those days. I’d spent five weeks in Sorrento during the summer and it was the best time of my life, and smoking this just takes me right back.

I’m a traditionalist! My favourite of all time are the various mint infusions, and this lemon and mint is absolutely superb. I also really like the Double Apple flavours, which is a really popular choice for many, including those just starting out on their first smoke.

I’ve not been smoking for long, so I’ve not really got that adventurous, but I do like many of the fruit flavours. Mint is a great one, refreshing, which to me was weird for a smoke! I’m currently experimenting with steam stones, and I’m really enjoying those. The mint ones I have are superb, but I’m going to go a bit more adventurous on the next batch I think.

I started smoking shisha as a student. My first pipe was a gift from my aunt who thought it was a nice table decoration for my room! It turned out to have much better uses, but as I didn’t have much money back then I relied on trying other people’s flavours. I therefore like all sorts and I’ve tried some weird ones.
I remember once trying Social Smoke Absolute Zero, which was an incredible mint flavour, but I eventually wanted to try more adventurous flavours. My all time favourite, which I’ve not been able to find since, was an Earl Grey flavour a friend bought back from his travels.

And you?
What are your favourite flavours? Let us know!
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