A Quick Guide to what you need to Smoke Shisha

Many people are terrified by smoking shisha, and it’s not surprising given the size of the pipes and the fact they look so ornamental. When my first pipe turned up, the box was massive and it had me thinking “why all this for a simple smoke?”
Well, trust me, it’s worth the effort!
However, if you’re not a seasoned smoker, you may feel a little bit nervous about buying one or even asking about one, so let’s go through some basics.
What’s smoking shisha like?
Some people set up their pipe, start to smoke and then realise it’s not for them. If you’ve never smoked in your life then this is probably you! Smoking shisha is just like smoking.
You’ve probably heard about the fact that because it’s water-filtered and the smoked goes through some elaborate pipes that you won’t cough, well you probably will if you’ve never smoked before. It’s just like smoking, there is smoke involved and if you have a delicate chest and lungs, you’re going to feel it.
However, if you’ve smoked before and you want something that’s smoother, tastier and does indeed filter out a lot of particulates, then shisha may be for you.
The flavours
If you’re a smoker then you’ll probably have your favourite brand. Yes, different brands taste different, but shisha opens up a whole new world of flavour. There’s apple, strawberry, mint, the list goes on. You can also get tobacco-free flavours (there’s still smoke though!), stones and molasses. Many people who smoke a hookah pipe will have their favourites and they’ll be more than happy to tell you about them.
OK, that’s quite enough of that, how about buying your first pipe?
What do I need to buy?
For the purposes if this guide, we’re going to keep it very simple. See it as your first tutorial to the joys of Shisha, so we won’t get too deep, we’ll save that for next time!
So, here’s what you need:
  • The pipe: All our pipes come ready to go. You simply put them together (and it’s easy, all the parts simply slot together, it’s not like an Ikea flat pack), add your flavour and charcoal and away you go.
    You can choose any pipe you like, but one of the favourites is the Khalil Mamoon range. These are handmade, yet not too expensive.
    Here’s how to put it together when you’ve got it:
  • The flavour: Obviously you need to choose a flavour and that’s down to your own personal taste, but just try one for now. Go with something light like mint, or even a fruit.
  • The accessories: You don’t need to choose any yet, because we have a bundle for you that will get you going quickly.
Our bundles
If you’re really unsure if shisha is for you, then check out our small starter bundle. You can add it to the cost of your pipe and save money.
It contains:
  • Charcoal
  • Shisha Flavour
  • Charcoal screen
  • Mouth tips
That’s all you need to get going and test the water.
If you’re already a smoker though, and you’ve already tastes shisha and really want to get going with more flavours, check out our value bundle pack.

This contains:
  • Four packs of quick light charcoal
  • Cocounut charcoal sample pack
  • Four Rosha Shisha flavours
  • Five Al Fakher flacours
  • Windcover
  • Al Fakher foil pack
  • Mouth tips
Just do it!
That’s all you need. Keep your choices simple, your costs low and just go ahead and enjoy the smooth taste of shisha in the comfort of your own home!
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