Summer's here and the time is right for shisha in the sun!

There's no hiding the fact that smoking a shisha pipe is an outdoor activity. This is no problem in the Middle East where the sun shines and the heat beats down for much of the year. However in Britain it seems that everything is against the casual smoker. The weather is erratic and usually pretty wet and then the law says you can't smoke inside a cafe.
However, when summer comes, all bets are off and the cafes that have been sprouting up around the country suddenly burst into life with chatter as people move outside to take in the sun and smoke their favourite flavours. Of course, this also means we have more time to smoke outdoors so we ought to help you along on these longer days with a few offers!

The value pack bundle!

If you're new to shisha and don't know what to buy after setting up your pipe, or you're a seasoned smoker and want to get a bundle of stuff to make sure your summer nights are sorted, check out this bundle.
With a saving of 25%, you can get:
  • 4 x Quick Light Charcoal
  • Coconut Charcoal Sample Pack (12)
  • 4 x El Rosha 50g Shisha Flavours
  • 5 x Al Fakher 50g Flavours
  • Windcover
  • Al Fakher Foil Pack (50)
  • 25 x MouthTips
All this for just £22.99!!!
offerStay tuned for even more offers from The Shisha Shop!
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