Still not convinced to try Shisha? The Sale is Sill On, Hurry!

If you're still sitting on the fence about trying Shisha, then now might just be the best time ever to give it a go as The Shisha Shop sale is about to end!
You can still save up to 70% on selected Shisha accessories, so I thought I'd pick a few of them out for you.

Disposable Plastic Washable Shisha Hookah Hygiene Hose

This is a superb idea if you're the friendly type that likes to share the hookah around the flat on a lazy Sunday afternoon. These hoses are made from clear plastic so you can see how clean (or not!) they are. They're easy to wash out and cheap enough to throw away if you see fit.

Shisha Mouth Tips

Again, for those who want to ensure no germs are passed around with the shisha, these are ideal. Simply hand one to each person in your party and they use theirs when it comes to their turn to smoke. Easy peasy, cheap, simple to clean and inexpensive enough to throw away when done.

Hookah Dragon Flip Inverted Hookah Shisha Bowl

Fancy something a bit different? This could well be it!
This clever little device actually allows you to smoke your hookah upside down, with shisha going on the top tray and the charcoal on the bottom. The tobacco won't get charred as there's no direct heat and the whole experience will last a lot longer.


There's not long left now, so go check out the sale and see how much you can save!
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