El Badia Extra Hose Adaptor - Minotor

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El Badia Extra Hose Adaptor -  Second Hose Upgrade Port for Centor and Minotor

This is an El Badia Centor or Minotor hookah hose adapter to convert your El Badia Shisha pipes from one hose shisha pipe to two hose pipe.

This Port adapter is suitable for only following models: Centor and Minotor Only

- Unscrew the Purge valve Housing and leave the Ball bearing in. Screw the hose port adapter back into the ball bearing port on your El Badia Shisha pipe.
- Just add an additional hose now, two people can smoke at the same time!

Please note: We recommend only one person draws at any one time if you have two people drawing at the same time you will end up burning the flavour.