Shisha Pipes

We stock many different sizes of Shisha Pipes here from Travel Sized Small Shisha Pipes, medium as well as large Shisha Pipes. We also have a range of colours and design to choose from leading manufacturers such as Kaya Shisha, Oduman, Aladin and Khalil Mamoon.

Click on any Shisha Pipe below to see further details as well as have a good close look at the design.

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  • Steamulation Prime Mini White 45cm

    Technical Details:

    Vase color: Clear
    Height: 45cm (17.7 inch)
    Weight: 3.3 kg
    Vase diameter: 20 cm
    Built in, adjustable Diffusor
    Recommended filling capacity: 0.8 – 0.9 Liter

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  • MVP460 1-1 Rainbow Aladin Shisha Pipe 56cm

    The all-new MVP range is a premium Shisha Pipe featuring a stem made from stainless steel

    The MVP comes supplied complete with: 

    • Click Lock based Shisha Stem
    • Solid Glass Jar
    • Aluminium Handle (Mouthpiece)(1 set)
    • Matching Silicon Hose (1 hose)
    • Masta Shisha bowl
    • Tong
    • Grommet

    Approximate height: 56cm

    Number of hoses: 1 (upgradable to 2 hose) Can also be extended to 2 hose connections (additional connectors required, sold separately)

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  • El Badia X3 Purple Berry Medium Shisha Pipe

    This is a stylish, chic and sophisticated Parisian Shisha Pipe

    This shisha pipe supplied with:

    • Strong Push Fit based Shisha Stem
    • Solid Acrylic Jar
    • Matching Plastic Hose
    • Matching Shisha bowl Grommets
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  • El Badia Chicha C5 White Shisha Pipe

    El-Badia Chicha C5 White Shisha Pipe

    This shisha pipe supplied with:


• Click Lock based Anodised Aluminium Shisha Stem 
    • Solid Glass Jar 
    • Aluminium Handle 
    • Matching Silicon Hose 
    • Clay Shisha bowl 
    • Chimney Heat Management 
    • Grommet

    Approximate height: 45cm

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