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Oduman RS-19 Six Pack Shisha Pipe 44cm

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Oduman RS-19 Six Pack Blade Russian Style Shisha Pipe 44cm

The Oduman RS-19 Six Pack is an Oduman product created in the Russian Style which means that it features a push fit system that will work with any Russian style jar. 


• High performance
• Stem features a push fit system, will fit any Russian style glass base
• Adjustable diffuser - 3 levels
• Stainless steel parts
• Easy Hose Plugin system
• Six port smoking purges


This Oduman Smoke Blade Shisha pipe includes:

  • Stainless Steel Shisha Stem
  • Embossed Stainless Steel Charcoal Tray
  • Russian style high quality heavy glass base jar
  • 150cm Silicon Hose
  • Unique Six port purge valves
  • 30cm Stainless Steel Hose Handle

To Complete this pipe you need to add:

  • Shisha bowl + grommet
  • Shisha flavours
  • Charcoal
  • A Pair of Tongs

Product dimensions:

  • Width = 20cm
  • Total Height = 44cm


Oduman Shisha specialise in Glass Shisha pipes, designed and manufactured in Turkey, using some of the Best Techniques in the Manufacturing Industry.
Oduman use CNC Cut Technology, to give their Stainless Steel the best finish in the industry. Other Shisha Manufacturer’s have yet to move over this level of details engineering.

Oduman Shisha have burst into the Shisha Industry and are fast becoming a leader in making their Unique type of Glass Shisha pipes. Oduman Shisha assures you that each Glass Shisha pipe goes through Quality Assurance tests before they are shipped. This ensures that you get the best Shisha Pipes possible from a Manufacturer.