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Oduman Ignis Revo Heat Management System

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Oduman Ignis Revo Heat Management System for shisha bowls

Designed to fit modern Funnel Bowls.

The Oduman Ignis Revo is a must-have Heat Management System that was designed to improve your overall Shisha experience. This simple to use device works by controlling the amount of heat that is transferred from the charcoal directly to the shisha flavour inside the bowl. As the Oduman Ignis is placed directly onto the bowl touching the flavour (No foil or charcoal screen is required), all of the flavours is heated up evenly instead of just sections where the coal is directly above.

As there are no holes in the base of the Oduman Ignis, the device also offers a high level of protection for smokers by capturing all of the ash from the charcoal and prevents any sort of flavour or chemical to be mixed into your shisha flavour in the bowl, thus producing a much smoother, cleaner and tastier flavours.

If you are looking for a quick way to increase your shisha smoking sessions, then this is the perfect solution!. 


No more messing around with Aluminium foil or making holes. Quick and easy, just as smoking shisha should be.


Height: ca. 4.5cm

Diameter at base: ca. 7.5cm
Filling height: ca. 2.7cm
Handle length: ca. 3cm
Material: Aluminium




  • Produces a cleaner, smoother and more flavourful smoking experience by preventing a significant amount of ash and ultrafine particles from passing into the flavour, collecting it all inside the Inis
  • Achieve a much better shisha smoking experiencing due to the way the heat is distributed evenly versus the traditional method of heating up just the flavour that is under the coal.
  • Shisha flavours burn more evenly allowing for longer more enjoyable sessions with less wastage
  • You can manage and control how much heat is applied to the flavours in the bowl by opening or closing the valve, saving you time and hassle - no more having to move the charcoal around to try and increase the heat
  • No more charcoal screen of foil required as this just sits on top of your shisha bowl
  • Doubles up as a Windover




  1. Place the flavour into the bowl/head (sold separately)
  2. Place the Oduman Ignis Revo directly on the bowl/head (no foil is ever necessary)
  3. Place precooked/heated charcoal into the Oduman Ignis Revo
  4. Put the lid on using the handle
  5. Sit back and enjoy!



Please Note: Shisha Bowl not included.

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