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Natural Charcoal Burner 1500w

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Natural Charcoal Burner is a high quality electric coal burner which Starts your Coconut or Natural charcoals within 5-8 minutes.

You will no longer have the need to light your Charcoals using a Gas Hob, you just need an electric power point and you are ready go.


This Natural Charcoal Flat Burner has;

One Coil Plate - Open design for easy cleaning.
Lighting Up Time: 5-8 minutes
To make the product last longer use the dial up to number 3
1500 Watt Variable Capacity,

Very Portable, take it anywhere you can find a power point.


Important Notice: All Charcoal Burners are Tested before being Dispatched. This is to ensure that the device works and prevents having to send it back for a replacement. 

We recommend running your burner no higher then '3' on the heat dial, this will prolong the life of the burner.

Coconut charcoals once lit send heat back to the coil, now if you run the burner at a higher heat dial setting the thermostat won't cut out, this will then burns the coil casing causing premature failure.


Please Note: This is a Stand alone unit. Please do not move it when it is Hot.

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