Kalys Phunnel Shisha Bowl - Ocean Blue

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Kalys Phunnel Shisha Bowl - Ocean Blue

The Kalys Phunnel Shisha Bowl is made in the South of Spain from high quality white clay known for its strength and ability to retain heat. The Kalys Phunnel shisha bowl is designed specifically for use with the Kaloud Lotus heat management device and has a rim designed to keep the Kaloud Lotus stable and secure.

The inner diameter of 7.5 cm as well as its under-rim depth of 15 mm and total depth of 18 mm makes this a great capacity bowl for sessions that can last anywhere between 1 hour and 1 hr 30. 

It comes in a wide range of colours so that everyone can find what they want.


This bowl is compatible with the most popular heat management systems including the Kaloud Lotus.


Height: 11 cm approximately
Inner Plate diameter: 7.5 cm approximately
Center hole diameter: 1.5cm approximately
Finish: Glazed
* Note: The bowls of the Kalys range are crafted and painted by hand, so each is unique and no two are exactly alike. Being handmade, they can have irregularities in shape because of the craftsmanship. Kaloud image shown for illustration purposes only and is sold separately.