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Japona Hookah Mummy Bowl

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Japona Hookah Mummy Shisha Bowl 

The Japona Hookah Mummy Bowl is a premium shisha bowl made of red terracotta clay offering high performance and has been expertly created in Russia. The Japona Hookah Mummy Bowl is a phunnel bowl (with a central hole) and combines an elegant texture design and coloured braided cord in the design of the leg.

The bowl has also been designed with the Kaloud Lotus heat management device in mind as the bowl as a little lip that secures the Lotus so there is no movement.


Width: about 8.5cm
Height: about 10cm
Volume: about 13 g


* Note: These bowls are crafted, painted and assembled by hand, so each is unique and no two are exactly alike. Being handmade, they can have irregularities in shape because of the craftsmanship.