El Badia X3 PRO Green Mint Glass Medium Shisha Pipe

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El-Badia X3 Pro Green Mint Glass Shisha Pipe


Height : 36cm

This shisha pipe supplied with:

  • Push Fit based Shisha Stem
  • Glass Jar
  • Matching Plastic Hose
  • Matching Shisha bowl
  • Grommets


The El-Badia X3 Shisha Pipe is the Glass jar model from the Parisian brand (Based in Paris, France) The Shisha pipe stands at 36 cm high and is a medium sized model with a unique Push Fit closure, a solid glass jar and features the same stem.


The draw is pleasant and surprising coming from a medium model. Thanks to its large internal volume, the El Badia X3 remains perfectly stable, even when used with a silicone hose, and is able to effectively cool the smoke, even when subjected to intense heating. 


This shisha pipe will satisfy novices as well as connoisseurs.