El Badia M5 Premium Shisha Pipe

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El Badia M5 Premium Shisha Pipe

The El-Badia M5 Premium Shisha Pipe stands at approximately 43 cm tall and is a compact model with a click-lock closure and solid glass jar. The M5 has been designed to be different from the current C5/C7 range in terms of build quality as well as design making this a modern design with a hidden valve system hidden under the plate.

To match up with its design, the materials featured include a stainless steel core that is covered with an epoxy resin in a smart design and comes supplied with a matching handle that is again made from stainless steel with a matching epoxy resin design.

What does Click Lock Stem mean: Traditionally, shisha pipes used a simply push down and fit system (the connection between the shisha stem and the actual jar). This was secured by using a rubber grommet which meant that the shisha pipe would be airtight and secure. Click Lock is a more recent innovation that means you simply push the stem down and turn for it to click and lock into place like a traditional incandescent light bulb fitting. This makes it much more secure than a normal push and fit system and it's also much easier to fit together.

This shisha pipe is supplied with:

• Click Lock based Stainless Steel Shisha Stem with an epoxy resin cover
• Solid Glass Jar 
• Stainless steel Handle with matching epoxy resin design
• Silicone Hose 

To Complete this pipe you need to add:

Shisha bowl + grommet
• Shisha flavours
• Charcoal
• A Pair of Tongs

Approximate height: 43cm