El Badia C1 Sterling Steel Midi Shisha Pipe

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El-Badia C1 Sterling Steel Shisha Pipe


Height : 35cm

This shisha pipe supplied with:

  • Click Lock based Shisha Stem
  • Solid Glass Jar
  • Matching Plastic Hose
  • Matching Shisha bowl
  • Grommets


The El-Badia C1 Shisha Pipe is the first glass jar model from the Parisian brand (Based in Paris, France) The Shisha pipe stands at 35 cm high and is a compact model with a unique click-lock closure, a solid glass jar and features the same stem as featured with the Celeste X1 and X3 shisha pipes.


Entirely oriented towards efficiency, the El Badia C1 Shisha Pipe is one of the lowest prices click system on the market. The draw is pleasant and surprising coming from a small model. Thanks to its large internal volume, the El Badia C1 remains perfectly stable, even when used with a silicone hose, and is able to effectively cool the smoke, even when subjected to intense heating.


This shisha pipe will satisfy novices as well as connoisseurs.



What does Click Lock Stem mean?


Traditionally, shisha pipes used a simply push down and fit system (the connection between the shisha stem and the actual jar). This was secured by using a rubber grommet which meant that the shisha pipe would be air tight and secure. Click Lock is a more recent innovation that means you simply push the stem down and turn for it to click and lock into place like a traditional incandescent light bulb fitting. This makes it much more secure than a normal push and fit system and it's also much easier to fit together.




What are the Differences between the C1 and the X1/X3 ranges?


  • C1 pipes are supplied with solid glass jars/vase and therefore weigh more
  • X1 and the X3 Shisha pipes are supplied with acrylic jars/vase so are more lightweight 
  • The all feature the same Click Lock Stem