320° Premium 3B Disc XL Natural Charcoal - 1kg

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320° Premium 3B XL Natural Charcoal - 1kg

320° 3-BLOCK XL natural charcoal is in the form of a disk that is 27mm in height and 5cm in diameter (whole disk) rather than shaped as a cube. These discs then break down into 3 pieces forming a third of a circle each.

320° 3-BLOCK XL natural charcoal is especially suited to Kaloud Lotus heat management devices (works with other HMD's as well) as you can control the heat produced by the number of charcoal thirds you insert in the device.

The 320° 3-BLOCK XL natural gives you optimal, long-lasting, odour-free heating, with very low ash production. This is the ideal recipe for a truly premium charcoal that will satisfy the most demanding of users.


- 100% Natural, coconut
- Long lasting
- Odourless

Safety Notes: 
Do not light charcoal with any petrol derivative, this is dangerous and can affect the smell of the charcoal. Do not leave unattended in the presence of children. Do not light in a confined space without adequate ventilation