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Top Three Shisha Etiquette Rules to follow in 2019

Top Three Shisha Etiquette Rules to follow in 2019

Smoking shisha will always be a social experience. Whether it’s a way to relax at the end of a meal, or used as a healthier alternative to having a few drinks with friends after work on a Friday evening, smoking shisha, like all social experiences, comes with a list of unofficial rules that really should be followed. Because shisha has deep traditional and cultural roots, there are a number of shisha etiquette rules which must be observed to make the smoking experience both more akin to the original experience of smoking shisha as well as making the experience better and more comfortable for everyone involved. Here are the top three rules:
shisha etiquette rules
Shisha by kótai dávid licensed under Creative commons 5

1. Obey the house rules

Regardless of whether you are at a shisha bar or someone’s house, as a guest you should always follow their rules. These may be based on the traditions and culture of the host’s country, or it may be down to personal preferences, but as a guest you should always defer to the host.

2. The person who sets up the hookah smokes first

The next one from the shisha etiquette rules is almost universally observed; the person who spends the time and effort setting everything up gets to smoke first. They may waive this right, and allow someone else to have the first go, but this is something to be offered rather than asked for.

3. Rotate clockwise

A rule that is common for smoking shisha is that the pipe is always rotated clockwise. Therefore, if you are in a circle, it is your turn to smoke when the person to your right has put the pipe down. When you have finished, it is always best to put the pipe down to indicate this, rather than directly pass the pipe to the left – this way, the person to your left can choose when to smoke rather than having the pipe forced into their hands.

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