The Top 3 Places for Shisha in Glasgow

Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city and is a buzzing and vibrant location with a real sense of character. It also has a number of fantastic hookah bars if you fancy a chilled evening out. In this blog post, we’ll tell you where you need to be if you’re looking for shisha in Glasgow.

Exhale Lounge

Exhale Lounge Shisha in Glasgow

Located on Paisley Road West near the Ibrox Stadium, this chilled-out shisha bar is one of the best spots to smoke shisha in Glasgow. One of the city’s premier hookah bars, it offers a variety of interesting flavours including the mysteriously named Blue Mist, double apple and mint, and a local specialty named Glasgow Kiss!

Exhale Lounge also serves delicious food, and if you fancy a break from smoking, you can join in their range of bar games.

Tchai-Ovna House of Tea

If you’re looking for shisha in Glasgow and are down in the West End, this cafe is a real hidden gem. Situated on Otago Lane just by the Kelvinbridge subway station, it offers lots of tasty food and a real chilled-out vibe.

The smoking area is located outside in the small tea garden, meaning this is an ideal place to come to relax and smoke on a warm day. And if you get thirsty, you can just pop inside and choose from the wide variety of teas on offer.

Velvet Lounge

Located on Kilbirnie Street on the south side, Velvet Lounge is known among Glasgow’s smokers as the place to go for a shisha menu bursting with choice and delicious, interesting flavours.

As well as the expected flavours like double apple, paan and mint, staff also let patrons mix their own. Why not try the “Snow White”, which has coconut, orange and vanilla. Or for a more local taste, go for a flavour based on Scotland’s favourite drink Irn Bru!

The staff here are also known for being attentive, and they keep an eye on the coals and replace them as and when you need them to.

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